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Our Pavement Marking Removal Services

Zero Dust. Zero Silica. 100% Eco-Friendly.


Using our dustless blasting process, we're able to provide road marking paint removal in Cleveland quickly, safely, and affordably, all while maintaining OSHA, EPA, and DOT standards. 

Before you paint on new striping in your parking lot, road, warehouse, etc., you must perform pavement marking removal to get rid of the old striping that's currently there. There are a number of methods to do it, but only one way really makes sense: vapor blasting it. No, not sandblasting, vapor blasting. There's a big difference. Vapor blasting uses both sand and water. Because it uses water, 92% of the dust that would be released into the air, is eliminated. Our process also doesn't require expensive dust containment setups compared to traditional sand blasting. This allows us to blast on busy highways and intersections, tight road shoulders, busy parking lots, and airport runways with no fuss.

Zero dust plume, 92% less mess, faster, more affordable,100% eco-friendly, and surpassing all OSHA, EPA & DOT standards. These are a few of the reasons why vapor blasting is better than traditional blasting when it comes to road marking paint removal.

Grinding with hand grinders can be painstakingly slow, can release dust and harmful chemicals into the air, and can damage the pavement or asphalt leading to premature deterioration and cracking.

Scarifying is faster than grinding but again it can damage the pavement leading to premature deterioration, typically leaves noticeable groves in the pavement making it an uneven driving surface, and it makes the asphalt surface to become much more slippery and smooth. Especially when it gets rained/snowed on in the future.

Water-jetting is the fastest method, but is typically the most expensive method by a long shot. Also it usually needs to use high pressures of about 40,000 psi to remove the striping resulting in immense pressures on a small surface area leading to pavement caving and cracking.

To put this in laymen's terms, when you choose us to vapor blast your traffic lines or road striping, you'll be getting the best value. We're fast enough to get your project done in a timely manner while causing absolutely no damage to the asphalt. Our method of pavement marking removal in Cleveland is 100% eco-friendly, and we're more affordable. Epoxies, paints, polyureas, tapes and thermoplastics are no match for vapor blasting. Simply put, dustless blasting is the best road paint remover tool on the market.

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Why Choose Blasting for Pavement Marking Removal?


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