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Data Acquisition Software Sw-u801-win Download [Updated-2022]




The pinouts are very similar to the PIC12F629 Microchip family. The following pins are supported by the PIC12F629/W. A0/LDA0-5 A1/LDA1-6 A2/LDA2-7 A3/LDA3-8 A4/LDA4-9 A5/LDA5-10 A6/LDA6-11 A7/LDA7-12 A8/LDA8-13 A9/LDA9-14 A10/LDA10-15 A11/LDA11-16 A12/LDA12-17 A13/LDA13-18 A14/LDA14-19 A15/LDA15-20 A16/LDA16-21 A17/LDA17-22 A18/LDA18-23 A19/LDA19-24 A20/LDA20-25 A21/LDA21-26 A22/LDA22-27 A23/LDA23-28 A24/LDA24-29 A25/LDA25-30 A26/LDA26-31 A27/LDA27-32 A28/LDA28-33 A29/LDA29-34 A30/LDA30-35 A31/LDA31-36 A32/LDA32-37 A33/LDA33-38 A34/LDA34-39 A35/LDA35-40 A36/LDA36-41 A37/LDA37-42 A38/LDA38-43 A39/LDA39-44 A40/LDA40-45 A41/LDA41-46 A42/LDA42-47 A43/LDA43-48 A44/LDA44-49 A45/LDA45-50 A46/LDA46-51 A47/LDA47-52 A48/LDA48-53 A49/LDA49-54 A50/LDA50-55 A51/LDA51-56 A52/L




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Data Acquisition Software Sw-u801-win Download [Updated-2022]

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