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When should my storage tank be sandblasted?

Are you considering getting a new paint job for your storage tank? If so you may be asking what it will take to get a new paint job. There is a number of factors that go into the process. Some factors include your budget, the condition of your tank/tanks, and the products you choose to be applied.

In this article, we are going to focus on the condition of your tank/tanks for you to see if your project needs abrasive blasting. In a previous article, we touched on the corrosion of metal that can lead to rust. When you see rust starting to form that is a good sign for you to get your storage tanks sandblasted. An example of a tank that needed to be sandblasted and painted is shown below.

As a commercial or industrial business that is looking to upgrade a coating system the preparation of the surface that is going to be painted is very important. It is important that it is prepped well so that you can achieve the maximum amount of adhesion when applying the new coating system. Without proper surface preparation, your coating system will not hold up as long and may fail in some areas.

One of the best ways to prep the surface is by abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting etches the surface in a way that allows your coating system to maximize its adhesion for a longer coating life. The type of abrasive blasting can vary depending on the job at hand. Dry sandblasting is one method that uses compressed air and sand media to get the old paint and rust off the surface leaving a clean metal surface to paint. Vapor dustless blasting is a similar process, the difference is that it also projects vapor through the hose and nozzle to minimize the dust for a cleaner blasting area.

Abrasive blasting has many benefits. When abrasive blasting metal with rust the process will remove the rust within a matter of seconds. Adhesion of a coating is always something to think about and when sandblasting a surface to a good spec the etching will allow for the best adhesion and an even coating application. Another great reason to sandblast is to remove the contaminants on the surface that may be hidden from the eye. This would include things such as oils, bacteria, mold, dirt, and grime. Abrasive sandblasting can be performed on many different structures. This includes water towers, fuel storage tanks, ground storage tanks, roadway bridges, pedestrian bridges, piping systems, propane tanks, various equipment, and many other metal structures.

Abrasive sandblasting for industrial painting or commercial painting is a great solution if you are looking to maximize the life of your next coating project.

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