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How Our Coatings Protect Against Storage Tank Corrosion

If you have a storage tank sitting outside, then you may be familiar with corrosion. Corrosion is the deterioration of a metal as a result of oxidation and after time will lead your tank to rust. Rust replaces the strong pure metal that was once intact and continues to break down the metal over time.

To help prevent corrosion you can get one of our protective coatings packages. Once a new paint job is achieved you will have protection for years.

How Protective Coating Can Help Prevent Corrosion

Protective coatings work in a way by creating a barrier between the metal and the outside elements that the tank will endure. The protective coatings we use provide a layer of protection to prevent oxygen and other elements from getting to the metal underneath which would react and create corrosion.

Why Storage Tank Painting Is Important

Storage tank painting is important to prevent corrosion and protect your asset. The protective paint we use has rust-inhibitive properties that bond to the surface and prevent rust.

When your storage tanks are exposed to the elements year after year the coatings will break down. The last thing you want is for corrosion to rust your tank to the point of no return and put your tank out of service. Getting your tank painted regularly will only extend the life of your investment.

When choosing from our protective coating, more coats will result in a longer-lasting paint job. If you are wondering which paint combination is the best for you, you can

contact us and we will be happy to assist you and give you the best recommendations for your situation.

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