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Marine & Boat Sandblasting

Zero Dust. Zero Silica. 100% Eco-Friendly.


With our mobile dustless blasting service, we're able to sandblast any size boat, anywhere, and help keep your family boat where it belongs, out on the water. Serving all of Northern Ohio!

With enough time, everything begins to rust, rot, corrode, chip, peel, bubble up, blister or just plain out depreciate. But with proper maintenance and care, you can make anything last.

The same is true when it comes to your boat and the more expensive the boat, the harder it is to replace. We're in business to help make your dream boat or watercraft last a lifetime while saving you thousands in long term replacement costs. Plus simple boat blisters and cracking can slow a boat down by a whole 1 mph or more; when you blast your not just making it look better and last longer, your also making it faster!


As one of Ohio’s leading sandblasting companies, we use a method of sandblasting that uses water (dustless blasting). Because we use water as we blast, there is no dust as it simply drops to the ground with the water. Also, everything we use is 100% Eco-friendly, biodegradable, silica-free, environmentally inert, and safe to blast anywhere. This allows us to sandblast your watercraft virtually anywhere without causing a mess.



Our Dustless Sandblasting Process:

Our marine sandblasting service in Cleveland is great for prepping watercraft built by any material whether its made of wood, aluminum, fiberglass, steel, etc.

We can sandblast any size boat as well, as long as it can be lifted. Including but not limited to the following: 


Jet skii's





Historic Ships

And more!

Start your quote today, only takes a second!

1. prep

We require you to have your project prepped & ready for sandblasting when we show up. Click below to see how to prep for dustless blasting.

2. clean

Simply pressure wash and clean with a solvent (soap) to remove any dirt, grime, oils, mildew or other contaminants. Or have us clean for an additional fee.

3. sandblast

Now we do our thing, just sit back and relax as we blast using nothing but water and eco-friendly crushed bottle glass.

4. done

Once the sandblasting is done, simply clean up, let it lay, or have us clean it up for an additional fee. Simple as that.

Why sandblasting your boat is a good idea...


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