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Assess the condition

We first identify the previous substrate & assess the current coating condition looking for a certain degree or percentage of rust, level of mill scale, etc that can be visibly assessed. We compare the coating to SSPC Pictorial Surface Standards to determine the best course of action to properly prepare the surface (if not already specified.) and determine a proper containment setup.


Prep work

We always start with SSPC sp 1 solvent cleaning; basically we remove all dirt, grime, oils, mildew, and other surface level contaminants for both inside and outside the tank structure. For Interior tank lining preparation, we always sandblast to at least an SSPC sp 10 near-white metal blast cleanliness. Once done, we test the surface profile and test cleanliness (soluble salts & chlorides) to make sure it meets specifications. The exterior surface preparation will depend on the level of quality desired and/or our field observations of the current coating quality to determine which preparation specification to meet.


Prime & Paint

Before we start our tank painting process, we always double-check conditions such as relative humidity, moisture content, temperature, and dew point to make sure the conditions meet coating specification. Once optimal, we start the painting process. Now, recommended coatings and mil thickness can vary depending on a number of variables such as environmental conditions, coating purpose, desired longevity, substrate type, coating supplier, and much more. Throughout the coating process, our applicators use mil gauges to make sure we are meeting thickness specifications. 


Coating Inspection

Once dry to handle, we double check thickness and test for holidays for further assurance and coating confidence (if necessary). 


Here at MPC, we know that water tanks are an integral part of our society and must be handled and maintained with care. With our quality coatings and surface preparation methods, we are able to coat these tanks to virtually last a lifetime. We're the most highly qualified water tank painting contractors in Cleveland and all of our work meets SSPC, NACE, EPA, USDA, FDA, NSF, and any other applicable codes or standards.  


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