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Our Graffiti Removal Service

Zero Dust. Zero Silica. 100% Eco-Friendly.


With our dustless blaster, we're able to sandblast and remove graffiti and paint quickly, safely, and affordably. Proudly serving the Cleveland market and surrounding areas. 

We understand that graffiti can be a problem. It can be vulgar, unprofessional, and can drive away potential customers. It can also lower your property value and lead to more graffiti tags. As one of Ohio’s leading graffiti removal companies, we make those issues disappear. Using a method of sandblasting that uses water (aka: dustless blasting). Because it uses water, 92% of the dust is eliminated and simply drops to the ground with the water. Also, everything we use is 100% Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and environmentally inert. This allows us to blast graffiti virtually anywhere without causing a hassle.

Repetitive graffiti removals can get costly over time, the costs start adding up and eventually the surface will start to wear down and deteriorate. Well there's a way to achieve a nearly ZERO rate of reoccurring tagging. How? Simply remove within the first 2 days or less of the occurrence. By enlisting our Cleveland graffiti removal service right away, you let taggers know that your property is not a place for their "artwork" and they simply move on, as they feel it is too risky. Studies have been done to prove this to be accurate. 

Our graffiti removal service in Cleveland is great for banks, road signs, stores, apartment buildings, municipal structures, restaurants, and more. 

Our Cleveland graffiti removal company can eliminate graffiti from the following: 


Brick, Block, Stone, Concrete and any other masonry.


Street signs







Historic and sensitive buildings

And more!

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Why choose us for Graffiti Removal?


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