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Zero Dust. Zero Silica. 100% Eco-Friendly.


We offer dustless blasting services for commercial vehicles & equipment for commercial clients keeping your assets rust free and in tip-top shape. With our heavy equipment blasting services, we can handle any size truck, tractor, van, trailer, or piece of equipment. We blast anywhere, and our process is 100% ecofriendly.

It can be A CHALLENGE to prep a big truck or a piece of machinery with thousands of intricate cracks and crevices. You could easily spend days if not weeks to prep something of that size to get it paint ready. Why go through that trouble when we could provide you with our dustless blasting service to have it 100% ready for a paint job in a few hours or less?

As you know, your fleet & equipment assets are big investments. Rust and corrosion are inevitable for virtually all equipment, and they're not exactly good for you equipment. You know this, thats why you're here. And being the proactive business manager that you are, you want to protect these assets. With our blasting services we help your equipment to last a lifetime and more by removing all dirt, grime, rust, corrosion, and old coating to get it paint ready. We can blast and restore any truck or piece of equipment you have, including:





Utility Trucks

Bucket Trucks

Garbage Trucks

Tow Trucks

Food Trucks

Box Trucks

Goose Neck Trailers

Enclosed Trailers

Landscape Trailers

Dump Beds

Front Loaders




Dump Trucks

Farm Tractors

Other Industrial Vehicles  


Our commercial vehicle dustless blasting process is 92% less messy and dusty than traditional sandblasting and is completely environmentally friendly, using recycled bottle glass as a blast media. It's also much faster and affordable than sandblasting. It's also DOT compliant and passes all EPA standards.


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