Sandblasting Services 


We come to you and use top of the line blasting equipment to quickly blast through your surface cleaning needs. We offer several blasting services and are able to blast substrates of all types using nothing but100% Eco Friendly & Silica Free blast media making it safe to blast anywhere. Unlike traditional sandblasting, we offer vapor blasting (dustless blasting), which is similar to sandblasting except it uses water as it blasts, eliminating virtually all airborne dust. This wet media blasting method allows us to work  faster and blast nearly everywhere without causing much of a mess. For a more affordable dustless blasting service, call us today, or click a link below on one of our sandblasting services to get a quote immediately!

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Our mobile sandblasting Services 


Graffiti Removal

We effectively remove stubborn graffiti quickly, and safely using 100% Eco friendly materials with minimal dust/cleanup compared to traditional blasting methods.


Roadway Stripe Removal

Remove roadway striping the right way. Our blasting method doesn't scratch or damage the pavement unlike traditional grinders and scarifiers. It also doesn't put too much pressure on the surface (making it prone to cracking and sinking) like water-jetting.


Automotive Dustless Blasting

We come to you and take care of the dirty work, prepping and etching the surface of your dream car right in your driveway, using 100% Eco friendly materials. Since the surface cools as we blast, there is no need to worry about panel warping.


Fleet Cleaning & Blasting

Our Cleveland based vapor service easily blasts off dirt, grime, rust and paint removal from tractors, dump beds, trailers and more. Since our dustless blasting process is 100% mobile, we’re able to come to you and blast your trucks wherever they’re sitting! 


Heavy Equipment Sandblasting

Coatings on heavy equipment can be thick and tough to remove. Our cost effective dustless blasting method strips it fast and gets in those hard to reach areas effortlessly.  


Industrial & Commercial Sandblasting

Buildings, bridges, roadways, and more. Our mess-free dustless blasting service makes these projects much more affordable. It's also environmentally safer than any other blasting method.

Boat & Marine Sandblasting

Simply stage your boat on blocks or jacks and we come to you to blast and remove old aliphatic paint, gel coats, and more to restore your pride and joy. Our sandblasting process is 100% eco-friendly and silica free which allows us to blast right at the marina.


Trailer Sandblasting

Trailers aren't always cheap and easy to replace. That's why some of our customers turn to us for the solution to restore and protect their asset. Start your quote now to see what we can do to help you on your next project.

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Industrial Equipment Sandblasting

Industrial storage tanks, chemical plants, pipelines, grain towers, railings, railcar's, turbines, and much more. Our mobile sandblasting service comes to you for every project. 100% eco-friendly & zero silica.

Our Dustless Sandblasting Process

1. Prep

We recommend to have your project prepped & ready for sandblasting before we show up. Click below to see how to prep for dustless blasting.

2. sandblast

Now we do our thing. Just sit back and relax as we blast your surface prep problems away using nothing but eco-friendly blasting materials.

3. done

Once the sandblasting is done, simply clean it up, let it lay, or have us clean it up. Simple as that.


For any blasting project, we need your project clean and for us to have enough space to blast every nook & cranny. In order to do that, we need your project to be 100% accessible. How do you do that? Well it generally means removing any lights, mirrors, handles, or accessories from your project. It also includes covering up glass areas with thick cardboard and heavy duty tape (we recommend gorilla tape). To protect surrounding valuables, laying 4 mil. plastic sheeting on the object and/or on the ground protects the surrounding object from stray blast media and makes the mess easy to control and clean up (your preference).  If you plan on doing a lot of taping to prep your project, we strongly recommend that you clean your project first to allow the tape to stick better. Other than the plastic sheeting, the rest of the prep process is something we don't usually prep for residential customers due to liability concerns. However we can prep upon request. 


Here's a breakdown of what extra prep you'll need to do based on your sandblasting service needs: 

Outer Body Panels: None

Under-body: Hydraulic lift, crane, blocks or rotisserie

Wheel Wells: Rotisserie or set on blocks w/wheels removed.

Contact us if your still unsure of how to stage your blasting project.

How to Prep Your Project For Residential Dustless Blasting...

(Optional) Laying Plastic Sheeting...

If you decide to lay the sheeting yourself, we recommend laying 10 ft. extra on the dimensions of your project. For example, if you have a car thats 8 ft. long and 5 ft. wide, then you would lay at least an 18' x 15' wide section; when centered on the sheeting it should give an additional 5 ft. of coverage for us around the project. If there is something you would like to protect thats within 20 ft. of your blasting project, we recommend putting up the same 4 mil. plastic sheeting to shield it from stray blast media.

Additional Prep Instructions For Certain Projects:


 You will need to have your boat set up on jacks/blocks at least 4 ft. off the ground in order for us to blast the hull. We recommend laying out plastic first, and then pulling the boat with your trailer over the plastic and walk the boat off using jacks/blocks. Contact us for more information.


Prep for industrial applications varies greatly by job; we typically handle all aspects of prepping for our sandblasting service but there are some exceptions. Contact us for more information.


Prep varies by equipment and desired sandblasting needs. If the equipment needs to be lifted/raised to be blasted properly, we can coordinate a crane if necessary. This will need to be discussed in a case by case basis. Contact us for more information.

Our Past Projects

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