Automotive Sandblasting Service in 

Cleveland, OH


Our automotive dustless blasting is what it sounds like, a dust-free media blasting service that cools as it blasts, resulting in zero panel warping. It's also 100% eco-friendly, making it perfectly safe to eco blast your car or truck, right in your driveway. 

When it comes to auto sandblasting and restoration, there's no better way to do it than dustless blasting. No longer will you need to wheel your ride out, load it up, strap it down and haul it all the way to the body shop, wait a day or two, and then haul it back when it's done. We bring our mobile auto sandblasting service to you and prep your dream car right in your driveway for the same price as (or less than) your local body shop and strip your car in as little as an hour! As mentioned above, our automotive eco blasting service cools as it blasts, which means no warping of the body panels. We use 100% eco-friendly crushed bottle glass in our media blasting process. The media contains zero chemicals, zero silica, and is environmentally inert making cleanup a breeze. Since our blaster uses water, it virtually eliminates all airborne dust, resulting in a much cleaner environment than traditional sandblasting or prepping.

Whether you need just the wheels blasted or want the entire car stripped down, we'll tailor our automotive dustless blasting services to your needs. When we're done, your car is 100% paint ready and will stay rust-free for up to 72 hours allowing you more time to get it primed and painted.

We do more than just cars too, we do truck media blasting and restoration, undercarriage blasting, hot-rod restoration, muscle-car dustless blasting and virtually any other vehicle you need sanded down.

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